Finding treasures, and meeting people are two things that I love to do. Why not create a shop out of that?

It’s important to me that my customers are happy, and I LOVE hearing stories about projects they have done or their collections. Drop me a line anytime! 🙂

Our Story

Prairie Pickers Café was born from an idea that my husband and I had driving back from a picking trip to the states. We loved selling antiques, but were becoming increasingly torn between regular day jobs and
our antiquing adventures. It was then that we decided that I would eventually quit my full time job and we would open our own store. Almost a year later, we did it! Knowing that the antique market fluctuates, we also incorporated some of our other favorite things – desserts, home made food, and rustic home décor. Since opening in 2017, we have become a favorite lunch spot for locals – and continue to grow!

Amanda & Calvin Kehler, Owners

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In the News:

“It was a pretty average Saturday. We were out and about rooting around for some treasures to stock the shop with and we came across sort of a pile of old newspapers and certificates and old telegraph messages,” Kehler said. “I am always drawn to that sort of stuff, so rather than go through it there, I just bought the entire stack.”