About Us:

Prairie Pickers Café was born from an idea that my husband and I had driving back from a picking trip to the states. We loved selling antiques, but were becoming increasingly torn between regular day jobs and our antiquing adventures. It was then that we decided that I would eventually quit my full time job and we would open our own store. Almost a year later, we did it! Knowing that the antique market fluctuates, we also incorporated some of our other favorite things – desserts, home made food, and rustic home décor. Since opening in 2017, we have become a favourite lunch spot for locals – and continue to grow!

Growing up, both of my parents ran their own businesses so I was keenly aware of the long hours and dedication it would take to make Prairie Pickers Café work. They taught me the importance of shopping locally, and supporting the “little guy”. Those ideas still hold true for us and we source as many items and food products from small local suppliers. Steinbach is a wonderful community, and we are truly blessed to be a part of it.